Tuesday, 20 November 2012

PageRank Updates and Blogspot Blogs

Here's a comment I left on http://lordhtml.blogspot.ca/2012/11/next-google-pagerank-update-november.html

I find that Google is very hard on Blogspot blogs. For some reason they favour other formats rather than their own when doing the PR update. I haven't tried Wordpress but I have a site on Over-blog and, also, I have a lot of Tumblrs. My non-Blogspot blogs shoot up in PR very quickly. They penalize Blogspot probably because of all of the spam under that domain. My site 'auto-ugly.blogspot.com' is one that I don't update regularly. So I fell from PR2 to 1. One solution is to get a free CO.NR redirection and use it as your address for SEO. It will attain PR much quicker as Google sees the xxx.co.nr address as a .com domain.