Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Blogspot Interdepartmental Memo to Other Bloggers

Re: Spam comments being left in the comments section of Blogspot blogs.

It has come to my attention that a spammer has left a message on one of my blog posts. It read: When the temperature starts to drop, and that very particular chill starts to hit the Canada goose parka, it's time to break out that winter coat... And goes on from there. It was well-written and 200 words long! I had never known a spammer to have such a diligent comprehension of the English language. Usually they embark on offers to make $100 a day, how they are a Nigerian princess, or how they are selling a pill that works more effectively than Viagra at a lower price. Their arguments to try to get me to buy something fill me with a certain sense of anxiety; schadenfreude; maybe depression; something that I could only describe to you in person by making several whirly-twirly swinging type motions.

Spam on Blogspot blogs should be considered a form of vandalism and it saddens me. I expected this sort of thing on Wordpress, or Typepad, maybe even Over-blog, but not on Blogspot.

If I knew a professor of sociology personally, I'm sure that he would blame the various causes of this on the remnants of, 'post-modern pseudo-intellectual neo-socialist, neo-conservative, neo-everything else finger paintings on the wall' being sadly in decline. Or, maybe if I did know a professor of sociology personally, he'd have something really funny to say. Or maybe he'd go on about the situation in northern Manitoba, contemplate a Glen Gould masterpiece, or actually buy one of those winter coats that the spammer was selling.

But because of this particular spam message, I have decided to become a nihilist. It was either that, Zen Buddhism, or head westward in a whirly-twirly swinging type motion. I no longer care where spammers comment: Whether it's here, there, or anywhere else. This interdepartmental memo between us bloggers should clear this whole sorry mess up. If it doesn't, I threaten to squeeze my fists into my eyeballs and pretend that I am in a Broadway musical.


epigramman said... you have an alter-ego elsewhere? - I thought no one wrote quite like the epigramman - until I met you - now I am convinced no one writes quite like you!!!

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