Monday, 19 December 2011

Ode to Kim Jong-il

Oh, Kim Jong-il!
For all of the brutal communist dictators
With great big melon heads
You were the dearest one

But now you're gone, gone
The two Koreas will never be the same
You were like a beautiful, overweight swan
And those huge glasses were the hallmark of your fame

You led your country through immense famines
And constantly just made things worse
But if there ever was a citizen that said, 'Damn him.'
You made sure that he ended up in a hearse

Your favourite movies were, 'Friday the 13th,' and, 'Rambo.'
Fine cinema did you indulge
And if things got bad you'd be in Italy driving a Lambo
Because your European bank accounts had a 4 billion dollar bulge

But the West can't make fun of you forever
You were taken away from us despite being so clever
Dying of a heart attack in your steel-reinforced bullet-proof train.