Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ode to Cellular Fecal Matter

Oh Fecal Matter
Why do they say you inhabit the cell phone?
For today I couldn't be any sadder
Now I'm scared to call home

Hark! Why can't you end up in the toilet?
All 100% of you?
Using someone else's mobile is now Russian Roulette
But when I forget my own what else can I do?

Now sharing devices is all icky
I'll have to wear gloves
For when someone else's is all sticky
Things won't blow up into shoves

So wash your hands cell phone users!
It's the smartest thing you can do
Or we'll all be losers
Who speak on our handsets through poo.


anger management classes said...

I don't want to speak on my handset through poo!!! Who doesn't wash their hands? Gross! No fecal matter on my cell thank you very much... at least there won't be after I disinfect the crap out of it- no pun intended.

rv backup camera said...

HAha, so true- 100% poop in toilet is the way to go!